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Does wearing a hat cause hair loss

Does Wearing a Hat Cause Hair Loss – Myth?

Since I’m living in a tropical country, I'm used to wear hats to cover against the bright sun. Many have told me that I’m going to go bald because of ...
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Does Showering at Night Cause Hair Loss?

I have heard that showering at night can cause common cold, sore throat, fever and surprisingly hair loss too. Therefore I wanted to find out whether there is any truth ...
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showering every day - hair damage

Can Showering Every Day Damage My Hair

I live in a tropical country where the sun shines all throughout the year, and it is hot and sweaty most of the time. So I shower every day as ...
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excessive body heat cause hair loss_

Can Too Much Body Heat Cause Hair Loss

Do you have as high a body temperature as I had before? My body temperature was like 37 celsius or 99 fahrenheit, even when I was not sick. Although I ...
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cutting hair short makes it grow back thick

Does Cutting Hair Short Makes It Grow Thicker

I’m a guy who cuts my hair shorter every time when I go to the salon for a haircut. It has never made my hair grow thicker or quicker. Have ...
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Combing cause hair loss

Does Combing Cause Hair Loss – Fiction?

It is shocking to hear that something as little as brushing your hair, could lead to hair loss. It is still surprising to me that even something like combing your ...
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