How To Protect Your Hair In The Summer – 14 Tips

14 tips for summer time hair loss

I live in a tropical country where it is summer almost all year round. So I have several tips that I can give you, to protect your hair in the summer.

Summertime can be fun, but if you are worried about your hair, then you should be a little careful. The UV rays, the heat, sea water could damage your hair in different ways. It does not mean that you cannot go out and enjoy yourself, but you need to go that extra step to protect your hair.

In this article I will give you a couple of tips on how to protect your hair in the summer.

1. Cover your hair

The best way to protect your hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun is to cover your hair. You could use a cap or a hat to cover your head when you are out.

If you are worried that your cap could cause hair loss, then check one of my previous articles from here.

It’s a myth. But you should pick a cap which is not tight and press your hair too hard. And also pick a cap made out of natural fibers like cotton and wool which will allow the air to flow through, thereby preventing the hair from overheating.

The caps which are made out of materials like silk or nylon can overheat and damage your hair.

When you are wearing a cap in the hot weather, you sweat a lot. Therefore it is important to keep the inside of the cap clean. You could keep the caps on rotation or you could simply handwash the cap with soap which does not irritate your skin.

Keeping the inside of the cap clean is important, since dirty caps can cause skin irritations which can affect your hair.

2. Go easy on the shampoo

Shampoo is essential to keep your scalp clean, unclog the hair follicles etc. But did you know over use of certain shampoo products could weaken your hair, which will cause premature hair loss. 


Most shampoos are laced with heavy duty cleaning agents, which will strip away the natural oils in your hair along with the dust and dirt built up in the scalp. As a result your hair will be dry and will develop the risk of breaking off easily.

However you could use a shampoo made up of natural oil and ingredients which will help to retain the moisture in your hair instead of stripping them away.

However my advice is to limit the use of shampoo to a maximum of 3 or 4 days a week. Let your head regain the lost natural oil on every other day. Your hair needs moisture to survive the summer heat.

Always make sure to apply conditioner, after using shampoo so that your hair will retain its moisture.

3. Use a leave-in conditioner

As I have emphasized before moisture is essential for your hair, especially during the summer time. If you are going out in the sun, it’s always better to use a leave in conditioner.

The leave-in conditioner will act as a heat protectant and gives extra protection for your hair against the sun burns.

It is better to apply leave-in conditioner after thoroughly cleaning your hair. You can leave it in until your next wash.

4. Limit heat styling

As you know, I’m not a fan of heat styling products. If you have long hair, then you might be using heat styling more often. But did you know that it can weaken your hair strands by making them extra dry?

The summer heat can make things worse. If your hair over dries and loses moisture, then your hair will be weak and prone to break easily.

My advice is stay away from blow drying, the summer heat will be enough to dry your hair off naturally. But if you are using heat styling, then limit the use to a maximum of 2 days per week.

5. Change pillow cases often

Summer is hot. You will sweat a lot as a result. So even at night, while you sleep, you will sweat. This is why your pillow cases must be changed often.

The drenched and dirty pillow cases can develop bacteria which will cause scalp infections or dandruff. Which are bad for your hair.

If you change your pillowcases, such risks will be minimum.

6. Shower regularly

Although you should not use shampoo every day, it does not mean that you should not shower every day. The dust, the dirt, sweat built up must be washed away every day. 

Yes, without shampoo or a cleaning agent, a total clean up would be much difficult. However a shower would help to clean most dirt particles from your hair and make your hair fresh once again.

Showering daily would help to moisturize and clean up your hair, which is crucial at summer time. 

7. Mindful about hair products

Most hair products contain alcohol, which can suck up the moisture from your hair and leave them dry. It’s best for your hair to avoid such products at all, regardless of the climatic season.

Does hair gel and spray cause hair loss

During summer time the effect of alcohol based hair products is worse. When in contact with the sun it can dry off your hair so bad. Although it seems wet or moisturized from the outside, it is not.

Therefore lay off alcohol based hair products, at least during the summer time. Instead you could use alcohol free “Hydrating” or “Moisturising” hair products. They will help to prevent dry hair.

8. Oil treatment 

Oil treatments are crucial during the summer time. During summer time your scalp and hair will lose its moisture and dry out quickly. Which can cause scalp irritation and dry scalp.

However you can minimize such occasions by thoroughly supplementing your hair with an appropriate oil treatment.

I would recommend mixing olive oil or coconut oil or sesame oil with vitamin E oil, and apply the mixture on your scalp and give it a good massage. This will also stimulate the blood flow to hair follicles.

My opinion is that you should apply oil in the morning, leave it for at least one hour and wash it off with shampoo. Do this treatment for 2 or 3 days per week.

9. Comb gently

Combing hair could damage your hair if done wrong. As I have emphasized, summer will dry your hair out. This can cause tangled hair, especially if you have long hair.

When you have dry hair be gentle with the comb. Do not do hard brush strokes, which pulls back your dried tangled hair.

If you are using a brush, pick a brush which has vulcanized rubber teeth with a smooth finish. It is ideal to pick a wide tooth comb if you are using a comb. 

Either way be gentle and extra careful.

10. Drink more water

Our body dehydrates more frequently during the summer time. When your body is dehydrated, your skin including the scalp will be dry. This can cause skin irritations.

Along with the scalp, the hair will also lose its moisture. This increases the risk of hair breakage. Therefore in the summer time you should increase your water intake.

Your water intake should be at least 4 liters per day. Do not disregard the importance of adequate water consumption.

11. Include more vitamin rich food

Your body should be fueled by various nutrients. Among such are vitamins. It does not matter how much you try to protect your hair from the outside, if you are not taking adequate vitamins, it can cause hair loss.


During the summer time you should consume more of fruits rich in Vitamin C, D and E so that your body develops the ability to fight against the radiation and dust during the summertime.

12. Let lose your hair

If you have long hair, do not do tight hair style. This is since, if your hair is dry due to summer heat, the tight hair styles could pull your hair back and cause damage.

Further, when your hair is loose, there is less chance for sun rays to burn your scalp through messy hair.

13. Use shampoo after a swim

Summer time is perfect for a swim at the sea or in a swimming pool. However both sea water and chlorinated water in the pool can damage your hair.

It is important to shampoo your hair thoroughly and wash it after a swim at the sea or in a pool. The chlorine and salt buildup on your scalp can block the hair pores which negatively affects the hair growth.

Make sure to apply conditioner after using shampoo. This is important.

14. Go easy on the booze

Summertime is also a kind of party time. You hang around, drink liquor, and enjoy yourself. However booze can dry your body out.

Especially during the summer time, the effect of booze on hair will be significant. I’m not saying you should not drink, but it is better to limit yourself.

However, if you are taking liquor, make sure you are increasing the level of water consumption. It will reduce the effects of dehydration.

Further, if available you could drink king coconut juice, which cools down your body and reduces the effects of dehydration.

So you know how to protect your hair in the summer, now go out and enjoy!!

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