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Hair loss after delivery

Hair Loss After Delivery – Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s the dream of most women, to give birth to their own child. But did you know that after the delivery, a woman may tend to lose their hair? When I told that I’m developing a blog on hair loss, ...
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Teenage hair loss

Why Is My Kid Losing Hair? – Teenage Hair Loss

I was in my early twenties when I noticed that my hair is thinning out gradually, but can someone start to lose their hair during the teen years? One of the nerve wrecking things that I heard is that, hair ...
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Early signs of balding

Spot The Early Signs of Balding – Am I Going Bald

When I look at my hair, I can clearly spot a hair thinning on top of my head. This has made me question myself, am I going bald? Each and every person lose a few hair strands daily, which is ...
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Hair on your pillow

Hair on Your Pillow Every Morning? – Is It Normal?

Every day when I wake up, I see a couple of hair strands on the pillow case, which made me think “am I going bald?” One of the things that freaked me out was seeing hair strands on my pillow ...
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showering mistakes that ruin your hair

12 Showering Mistakes That Damage Your Hair

I’m sitting in my home after a soothing cold shower, wondering what showering mistakes that we do daily, can lead to hair loss. Showering daily is considered as a good healthy habit of a healthy individual. However, during the past ...
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How water showers and hair loss

Do Hot Water Showers Cause Hair Loss

Having a hot water shower could be quite soothing and relaxing, but whenever I have a hot water shower my hair looks dry and weak. Why is this happening? I was too curious to find an answer. Unfortunately, I could ...
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