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Liquor and hair loss

Does Liquor Cause Hair Loss – In Detail!

Are you a heavy drinker or have you been drinking moderately? Nevertheless, have you ever questioned whether "could liquor cause hair loss?" The liquor consumption and hair loss does not have a direct link. However, if you are a heavy ...
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Which Doctor Must Be Consulted for Hair Loss

Which Doctor Treats Hair Loss – Doctor Specialization

Have you ever wondered what type of doctor you should consult in order to get professional advice regarding hair loss? There are various reasons which could cause hair loss, varying from genetics to nutritional deficiencies. However, the hair loss that ...
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Flax seed for men. Is it safe?

Is It Safe for Men to Take Flax Seeds for Hair Growth

Flax seeds are recommended by doctors and other experts for healthy hair growth . But is it really safe for men to take flax seeds? Flax seeds have various nutrients, including protein and vitamins which are crucial for hair growth ...
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14 tips for summer time hair loss

How To Protect Your Hair In The Summer – 14 Tips

I live in a tropical country where it is summer almost all year round. So I have several tips that I can give you, to protect your hair in the summer. Summertime can be fun, but if you are worried ...
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Whey protein and Hair growth

Does Whey Protein Supplements Help Hair Growth

Whey protein supplements have become popular in the market, especially due to the growth in the fitness industry. Especially because it helps muscle recovery, but can it also help hair growth? There are various kinds of supplements which are popular ...
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stress and hair loss

How Does Stress Cause Hair Loss – Three Proven Ways

Stress can have various negative effects on us, but did you know that it can cause hair loss too? Being in the lock down or quarantined due to the spread of COVID 19 has taken away people from the hectic ...
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