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Hair falling out in the shower

Why Does My Hair Fall Out In The Shower – Do Not Panic

Losing hair in the shower is a common problem faced by most people. They often worry that hair falling out in the shower could be due to a health issue that they are facing. Do not panic because this is ...
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Can a Keto diet cause hair thinning

Can a Keto Diet Cause Hair Thinning – 4 Reasons!!

Most people who wish to lose weight and shred fat, follow keto diets and many other diet plans which restricts the total caloric intake. I myself was overweight during my early twenties during my time at the university. I followed ...
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How to know whether you are going bald

How To Know If You Are Balding – Men Must Know

Have you seen sudden changes in your hair which made you question “am I going bald?”. However uncomfortable that question might be, we eventually have to face the truth that male pattern baldness affects roughly about 50 million males in ...
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Why you lose hair

14 Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women – Explained

Causes of hair loss is a common but a wide topic under discussion. There can be various causes for hair loss. I had thick curly hair during my teenage years, but I saw it thinning out and my scalp visible ...
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shampoo and hair loss

Does Shampoo Cause Hair Loss – Myth?

Whenever I use shampoo in my shower, my hair will look dull, dry and thin after a couple of hours. This kept me worrying that could shampoo cause hair loss? No, shampoo does not cause hair loss directly. But it ...
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hair dryers and hair loss

Do Hair Dryers Cause Hair Loss – Facts vs. Fiction

Most people use a blow dryer or a hair dryer to save their time. So, would saving a little time could cost you your hair? The relationship between hair loss and the use of hair dryers, is a common topic ...
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