Does Cutting Hair Short Makes It Grow Thicker

cutting hair short makes it grow back thick

I’m a guy who cuts my hair shorter every time when I go to the salon for a haircut. It has never made my hair grow thicker or quicker.

Have you been wondering whether cutting hair shorter makes it grow back thicker? If so, think no more, it does not make your hair grow back thicker, covering the bald spots or at least grow any faster. It is a myth that cutting hair shorter makes it grow thicker and faster. However it can make your hair strong.

Do you want to learn more? Then please continue reading while I explain the information that I have gathered on whether cutting hair shorter makes it grow back thicker.

What factors determine hair growth

Hair growth occurs inside the hair follicles. The hair growth or hair loss is determined by the health condition of such follicles. Hair follicles have their own life time, and die off along with the age.

However there are other external factors which could affect the health of the hair follicles. Such factors are genetics, nutrition, climate, environmental pollution etc. Some of these factors may not kill the follicles, but can damage them, and negatively affect the hair growth process.

Does cutting hair short affect hair growth rate

Hair growth occurs within the hair follicles in your scalp and each hair follicle goes through its own cycle of hair growth [1]. They are, hair growth phase, transition phase and the fall off phase, where old hair fall off giving its space to new hair to grow.

Cutting the hair short or trimming the hair does not change or affect the hair cycle. Therefore the rate of hair growth does not change, just because you cut the hair shorter. 

The hair follicles have their own lifetime. Cutting hair short or trimming your hair would not regenerate the dead follicles, which allows new hair to grow inside. Therefore cutting your hair will not grow new hair on bald spots. Cutting hair short has nothing to do with the hair growth rate and the thickness of the hair.

Why does newly growing hair after a cut, looks better

Have you ever experienced that, the newly growing hair after a haircut looks better than before? Has it been the reason why you think, cutting the hair short would make it grow back thicker. There are a couple of reasons for that.

Our hair gets damaged on a daily basis due to various factors.These factors will take the nourishment out of the hair and make it look dull and dry. One such factor is the environmental pollution.

As a result the hair will look thin and weak. Once you cut or trim the damaged hair, the once that grows back will be new and nourished hair. This is one reason why cutting hair would seem to make newly growing hair look thick. This is just an illusion that your mind creates over the old dull hair that you used to have

Further short hair seems to be stronger than the long hair. Most individuals with long hair would experience split ends. Having too many split ends would make the hair look thin. Trimming such split ends would make the hair look thick once again. This is another reason why trimming the hair would seem to make the growing hair look thick.

Does cutting hair short help against hair loss

As I stated before, short hair is most likely to be stronger and healthy than the long hair, given that both of them are treated with care equally.

Long hair would tend to get more split ends which could run deep along the hair strand towards the scalp, if untreated. When hair has more split ends, it becomes weak leading to an increase in hair thinning and hair fall.

Therefore trimming the hair shorter would help to get rid of the split ends, so that it would not cause severe damage to the hair strands. So yes, trimming the hair short could help against hair loss.


Hair grows inside the hair follicles and the hair growth rate is determined by various factors. However, cutting hair short would not influence the hair growth rate or the health condition of the hair follicles.

Once you trim or cut the damaged hair which is thin and dry, the newly growing hair may seem to be thick and healthy. Yes it is thick and healthy than the damaged hair, but it does not help to grow hair in the bald spots.

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