Does Applying Vitamin E Oil Helps Hair Growth – TRUTH!!

Vitamin E for hair growth

I have been applying Vitamin E on my hair every now and then, believing that it will help to fight against hair loss and promote hair growth.

Taking vitamin e through food, is really important to fight against hair fall and promote hair growth especially due to the antioxidant property of vitamin e.

However, the question is whether applying vitamin e oil helps hair growth?

Applying Vitamin e oil on your scalp can help to improve the blood circulation to the scalp and also to keep the hair and the scalp moisturized. This helps to prevent the hair fall due to lack of moisture and the dryness in your hair.

In this article, I will share with you the information that I have gathered regarding, how applying vitamin e oil helps your hair.

Does applying vitamin e oil helps hair growth

Yes applying vitamin e oil could help hair growth indirectly.

Vitamin e is an important vitamin for humans especially due to the antioxidant properties in vitamin e which helps to fight against the oxidative stress. In simple terms oxidative stress is the damage caused to the cells and tissues in our body due to an imbalance of electrons which could occur due to various factors including the environmental pollution. However, the vitamin e should be consumed orally to get the benefit of its antioxidant property.

So how can applying vitamin e oil could help hair growth? As per the information that I gathered, vitamin e oil does not have a direct impact on hair growth but it does help to prevent hair fall due to dryness and help the hair growth process.

How applying vitamin e oil help hair growth

1. Helps to improve blood circulation and repair hair follicles

The experts’ opinion is that, applying vitamin E on the scalp and massaging it gently could improve blood circulation to the scalp. A healthy supply of blood is important for a healthy hair growth process.

Hair follicles need a healthy supply of blood to produce new hair and to get the nutrition required to maintain the existing hair [1]. A healthy supply of blood will help to move the oxygen and the required nutrition to the cells and tissues in our body.

2. Keep the hair and scalp moisturized

Our hair will lose its moisture due to various reasons. Few of such reasons are the impact of over using the shampoos, use of hair care products with bad alcohol, environmental pollution etc. The key point is that, due to the lack of moisture, the hair will become dry.

The dry hair is weaker and brittles easily. When the hair is dry, it gets tangled and hard to comb. Therefore there is a risk of breaking the hair when combing the tangled hair.

When the scalp gets dry, it can be itchy and dandruff could be formed. The scratching of the scalp to overcome this itchiness could damage the hair strands.

The vitamin e oil will help to overcome the dryness and restore the moisture in your hair. Therefore the vitamin e oil will minimize the brittles in the hair due to dryness and dry scalp. Thereby helping the hair growth process.

How should you apply vitamin e

Applying vitamin E can be a bit of a problem for people with sensitive skin. It might cause skin irritation for some people. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, it is always better to mix vitamin E with another oil and dilute it before applying.

I would recommend to mix vitamin E with sesame oil, if you have oily hair and olive oil, if you have dry hair. Both sesame oil and olive oil are really good for healthy and strong hair.

Pierce two capsules of vitamin e or take a teaspoon of vitamin e oil and squeeze them in to a small dish. Pour one teaspoon of sesame oil or olive oil (if you have long hair) or half a teaspoon (if you have short hair) into the dish and mix them up.

Dip your finger tips into the mixture and apply it gently on to the scalp and from the mid section to the ends of the hair. Applying vitamin e for a person with short hair is much easier than for a person with long hair. Therefore when you apply the mixture, make sure that the mixture touch the scalp too.

Massage the scalp gently and comb it with a long tooth hair comb, so that it stimulates the blood flow to the scalp.

When should you apply Vitamin e

According to my personal opinion, the best time to apply vitamin E is, early in the morning and before showering. There is a suggestion that vitamin E should be applied after showering and thoroughly cleaning the scalp.

The logic that they bring out is that, vitamin E will be absorbed more into the scalp when the scalp is clean. This logic seems to be legit, but in my opinion, it is not practical for everyone to follow this method.

Why? The mix of oil and vitamin E, can bring out a strong smell. Further, the oil can attract dust particles much more easily and make the hair more dirty. On the other hand, leaving oil on your hair might give you a weird look. 

Therefore my recommendation is to apply vitamin e with oil, early in the morning. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and wash it off. You could wipe your hair with a clean cotton clothe, so that it takes away the oil in your hair which helps to wash it easily.

It’s better to wash the hair off thoroughly without using shampoo as much as possible. This is since, most shampoos can dry your hair, hence reduce the effect of vitamin e.

How often should you apply vitamin e

To have good results, you have to apply vitamin E oil every now and then. Therefore, it is better to schedule your week, to treat your hair with vitamin e.

The experts point out that, it is better to apply vitamin e three days per week. Wash your hair with shampoo, every other day, but it’s better to limit shampoo to three or two days per week too.

Can you apply vitamin E capsule overnight

Most people would prefer to apply vitamin E at night for various reasons. You can apply vitamin E at night and it will still produce good results. But applying vitamin E and oil at night, does have several drawbacks.

Your body temperature will go down at night, as a result of the drop in surrounding temperature. When you apply oil and vitamin E at night, the body temperature will drop down further. This can lead to common cold and phlegm for most people.

On the other hand, going to bed with wet hair (wet hair due to oil) can cause scalp irritation and dandruff. Such conditions can damage the hair, rather than improving the hair condition. To avoid such situations, you might have to go through the trouble of rotating pillowcases every day.

Therefore my advice is to avoid leaving vitamin E overnight. Instead, apply it in the morning as mentioned above.

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