Can Too Much Body Heat Cause Hair Loss

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Do you have as high a body temperature as I had before? My body temperature was like 37 celsius or 99 fahrenheit, even when I was not sick.

Although I could not find a solid research study to establish a direct link between high body temperature level and hair loss, it can indirectly affect the health of the skin and hair. High body temperature can weaken your hair, which could lead to hair breakage and increase hair fall.

Let’s take a look at the information that I have gathered on this subject.

What is the ideal level of body temperature

Humans being mammals are warm blooded creatures. Which means humans can keep their body temperature higher than the environmental temperature. However for some people, due to various reasons, their body temperature could be pretty high. 

A research study [1] suggests that the human body temperature varies due to various reasons such as gender, age, environment etc. Further the temperature in various parts of the body is different from each other.

So what is the ideal level of body temperature? The experts suggest that any temperature ranging from 36.1 Celsius (97 Fahrenheit) to 37.2 Celsius (99 Fahrenheit) is considered to be normal. Anything above that, is considered to be a fever.

Why does high body temperature causes hair loss

Do you feel like your body has a higher body temperature than an average person? Even I face the same situation. My body temperature could go upto 37 Celsius, or even more without even having a fever. So I searched for the reason why my body temperature rises suddenly.

The WebMD suggests that the body temperature rises due to various reasons. Which can range from sunburn, side effects of a medication, a health condition or even due to a poor diet.

So how can such factors cause hair loss? Well technically these factors could increase the body temperature and also cause hair loss. But we are not discussing about these factors.

We are discussing the possibility of hair loss due to an increase in the body temperature. So could it actually cause hair loss? Let’s find out.

1. High body temperature cause dehydration

Your body temperature could rise due to extreme dehydration, but also high body temperature could make your body more dehydrated. As a result, your body will crave more for liquids and water.

If you do not drink enough water to rehydrate the body, your skin will become dry. Which can cause skin irritation. If the irritation occurs in the scalp, then it can damage the hair strands and weaken them.

drink water

Further the dehydration could dry out the hair strands. When the hair is dry and out of moisture, it will be weak and brittles easily.

Therefore if the body temperature is high, make sure to increase the fluid intake. Drink more water, and avoid dehydration. This could help to lower the body temperature and also help against the dry skin and hair.

2. High body temperature could damage the follicles

I could not find any research to support the theory that high body temperature levels could damage the hair follicles. However, a long time ago, I consulted an ayurvedic doctor to get treatments for my hair loss (Ayurvedic treatment is popular in my country for hair loss).

He diagnosed that I had too much body heat. He further said that high body temperature level will affect the scalp temperature and its health condition. This can increase the risk of causing dandruff (I had dandruff), and scalp irritation.

Dandruff is caused by a fungus which feeds on the oils and nutrition in the scalp, which could make the hair follicles and strands weak and fragile.

The hair experts point out that, when showering hot water, a water temperature which is slightly above the body temperature is the ideal temperature for showering without damaging the skin. So (due to the lack of research evidence) I believe that slightly high body temperature would not damage the skin or the follicles directly.

How to reduce the body heat

Although excessive body heat has a low effect on hair loss, it is always better to keep the body temperature at a healthy level. So what can you do to lower the body heat?

1. Drink more water

Well, yeah this is a bit obvious. The main thing you must do is to increase your water intake. Preferably chilled water or normal water.

Every average adult must consume at least 3 liters of water per day. However, if you are living in a tropical country, or a hot environment or even if you have a high level of body activity (blue collar job or an athlete), then you have to increase the water intake beyond the average level.

2. Minimize spicy, oily and fried food

The diet and nutrition that you take on a daily basis plays a vital function in our body. It helps to regulate the hormones for better or for worse.

Spicy, oily and fried food tend to increase the body temperature. Eating them every once in a while would have a minimal effect on body temperature but including them in your meals often, could be bad for your body.

Therefore it is better for your overall health to minimize the consumption of such food.

3. Drink coconut or king coconut water

Coconut and king coconut water has the ability to cool down your body. It has various minerals, electrolytes and vitamins which help to rehydrate your body.

I know that it could be difficult to find fresh coconut and king coconut water in most areas. But try your best to take them at least once a week.

4. Drink barley water

Barley water is a popular drink in tropical Asian countries. Barley water being a diuretic, is used to cure urine infections by increasing the urine excretion.

Further it is popular in tropical Asian countries since it has the ability to cool down the body. To make barley water, you could boil the barley seeds in water and strain the seeds once boiled. Allow the water to cool and then drink.

5. Get an oil treatment

Applying oil on the head and massaging helps to reduce the body heat. You could use coconut oil, olive oil or even sesame oil to apply on your head.

Gently massage the scalp and allow the oil to be absorbed to the skin. Leave it for atleast 30 minutes and wash it away thoroughly, preferably without using a shampoo (Why should you minimize the usage of shampoo? Check from here).

Follow this procedure at least two days per week.

6. Eat more hydrating food

As I said before, food and nutrition plays a vital role in our body functions. What we put in our body matters.

Therefore vegetables like cucumber, spinach, celery must be included in your diet while tomatoes and watermelons are great sources of hydrating fruits.

Including at least one item of hydrating food in your daily diet could help to control your body heat. 

Should you consult a doctor

The body temperature could rise due to various reasons. One such reason is that you might be suffering from a health condition, knowingly or unknowingly.

If your body heat level does not drop down after following the above methods, then you are most likely to be suffering from an illness. In such a situation you should consult your doctor.

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  1. As I am 16th year old Boy on one day 15old and new generate hair beeN falling daily I think in my body as more heat which is heat body I had taken many YouTube videos to treat hair but by applying it causes more damage more than 15 hair is lossing per day it could not controlled as I want remedi on hair fall

  2. as I 16year old boy on per day 15hair is loading I think that it may causes due to my body heat please sent any treatment for hair

    1. Hi Kishore, I’m glad that you contacted me. Unfortunately I’m not a medical expert. It’s better if you could seek the consultation of a doctor. Until then you can follow the remedies which I took to minimize my body heat which I have included under the topic “How to reduce the body heat” in this article. All the best!!!

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