About Me

About Me

Hi guys, I’m Rashmika. I’m the owner and content creator of hairlossreports.net.

I had thick curly hair in my early teenage years which made everyone jealous around me. Having a thick and full hair boosts your confidence and give you a younger look.

However, my hair started to thin out along with my age. When I stepped in to my late teenage years, I could see my hair starting to thin out on top. That hit me hard. Loosing hair this young was hard for me.

When I stepped into my early twenties my hair line started to recede gradually and the hair thinning worsened. This made me question my self, why is this happening? I had so many doubts and questions. I had tried various treatments and medications prescribed by the doctors.

So, in this website, I’m going to share my personal experiences and the information that I have gathered along the way regarding hair loss. I’M NOT A MEDICAL EXPERT OR A DOCTOR. But simply a person who have tried various methods to improve my hair and has a fair share of knowledge on hair loss through the doctors whom I have consulted.

I do not have all the knowledge on hair loss (I don’t think anybody has). So if you have any knowledge to share, please do not hesitate to do so.